Chapter Five Hyphenated Words

Chapter Five (1951) includes twenty-six hyphenated words, used thirty-two times.  Tolkien invented fourteen of them, used nineteen times, over half, either way you count. Thank you, internet, for being my lab notebook.

• back-door
• bat-wing*
• birthday-present
• blind-man’s-buff*
• blood-curdling
• door-post•
• drip-drip-dripping*
• egg-question*
• fish-bones*
• flip-flapping*
• four-legs*
• goblin-guards*
• goblin-wars*
• half-imagined*
• hiding-place
• lamp-like*
• no-legs*
• one-leg*
• out-of-doors*
• riddle-game*
• side-passages
• three-legs*
• to-do*
• tunnel-wall
• two-legs*

The asterisks indicate which words were also used in 1937. In Chapter five in that edition is also:

• good-bye [1937.05.096] and said good-bye to the nasty miserable creature;

I am fascinated that “birthday present” from 1937 gained a hyphen when it was re-envisioned in 1951.

New book!

Excuse me while we pause in our journey…

I’m thrilled to announce a new book – a collaboration with my dear friends Marie Everett and Lauren Strauss – and the new Moonlight Meander series.

The book cover shows a Very Good Dog staring down the tree-lined dirt road at a whitetail buck in the mist.  they stared at one another for quite a while before he bounded away.  there are authors' names and the book title, but they are not as important as the Very Good Dog who ran to tell her Mommy how beautiful and wonderful the Big Animal had been.  I swear she was doing the dog-equivalent of weeping with the beauty of it.

Moonlight Meander presents not only poetry but rituals and spiritual practices for daily living and some amazing archetypal storytelling. Live your mythic life with us.

Moonlight Meander: Hunter’s Moon is designed specifically to match the dates and energies of October 16, 2020 to November 15, 2020, a lunation which includes the full blue moon on Samhain. In fact, this day-book can be used during any cycle from dark of moon to dark of moon for wellness, spiritual exploration, and celebrating our connection with the forces of nature.

Signum University Graduation 2020

I will have the privilege in a few hours of addressing this year’s Signum University graduates. My own words alone are inadequate to express my awe and wonder in their accomplishments.

• Hurley, Kameron. The Light Brigade. Gallery / Saga Press. Kindle Edition.
• Sturgis, Amy. Speculative Fiction as Reflecting Shield: Defying and Defining the Darkness. Signum University’s Mythmoot VII. Keynote address.
• Tolkien, J.R.R. (2012-02-15). The Lord of the Rings: One Volume. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

And of course, I will be referring to the work of each of the graduates themselves.

Rabbit, part 4

So, back to Rabbit 1.

[05.015] xx and when he said gollum xx he made a horrible swallowing noise xx in his throat. xx That is how he got his name,

Is that how he got his name from Bilbo?? Or was that something that the goblins called him? And in the latter case, then how could Balin say:

[08.127] xx ‘Gollum! Well I’m blest! 

Hmmm. I think that it must be Bilbo who created the name when he told the story of his escape from Chapter Five.

Rabbit, part 3

[06.019] They were particularly interested xx in the riddle-competition, xx and shuddered most appreciatively at his description of Gollum. xx

[06.023] xx The dwarves looked at him xx with quite a new respect, xx when he talked about dodging guards, xx jumping over Gollum,

[08.125] xx But very soon they began to ask questions. xx They had to have the whole vanishing business carefully explained, xx and the finding of the ring interested them so much xx that for a while they forgot their own troubles. xx Balin in particular xx insisted on having the Gollum story, xx riddles and all, xx told all over again, xx with the ring xx in its proper place.

[08.126] xx All except Balin. xx Long after the others had stopped talking xx and shut their eyes, xx he kept on muttering xx and chuckling to himself. xx

[08.127] xx ‘Gollum! Well I’m blest! xx So that’s how he sneaked past me, xx is it? xx Now I know! xx Just crept quietly along did you, xx Mr. Baggins? xx

A different rabbit hole for a moment…

Some lovely colleagues are helping me work through this one. Here’s the beginning of a small puzzle:

[05.015] xx ‘Bless us xx and splash us, my precioussss! xx I guess it’s a choice feast; xx at least a tasty morsel it’d make us, gollum!’ xx and when he said gollum xx he made a horrible swallowing noise xx in his throat. xx That is how he got his name, xx though he always called himself ‘my precious’.xx