Lay, Laying, Laid, Had Laid – takes an object. When the object is the reflexive pronoun, my brain implodes, but that’s all right.

• 01.080 Laid low their towers and houses frail.
• 01.092 and laid him out of the way
• 01.124 when I will allow we have a good bit laid by
• 04.002 laid out behind them far below.
• 06.093 Very soon Bilbo was laid down,
• 07.093 and quickly laid on the trestle-tables.
• 07.099 and leaves were laid upon the mould.
• 07.106 Bilbo found that beds had already been laid
• 07.111 though we found breakfast laid as soon as we went out.’
• 08.031 When they laid him on the bank he was already fast asleep,
• 09.026 then he laid it on the table
• 10.015 and laid helpless on the shore.
• 10.024 lay down your arms!’
• 12.072 I laid low the warriors of old
• 13.071 There they laid their burdens;
• 15.028 with a wall of squared stones laid dry,
• 15.053 laying down your arms before you approach the threshold.’
• 17.003 At the beginning of the narrow way they laid aside sword
• 17.032 and there they laid down their weapons
• 18.030 and Bard laid the Arkenstone upon his breast.
• 18.032 Upon his tomb the Elvenking then laid Orcrist,
• 18.035 to lay aside all your claim,

Rabbit, part 4

So, back to Rabbit 1.

[05.015] xx and when he said gollum xx he made a horrible swallowing noise xx in his throat. xx That is how he got his name,

Is that how he got his name from Bilbo?? Or was that something that the goblins called him? And in the latter case, then how could Balin say:

[08.127] xx ‘Gollum! Well I’m blest! 

Hmmm. I think that it must be Bilbo who created the name when he told the story of his escape from Chapter Five.

Rabbit, part 3

[06.019] They were particularly interested xx in the riddle-competition, xx and shuddered most appreciatively at his description of Gollum. xx

[06.023] xx The dwarves looked at him xx with quite a new respect, xx when he talked about dodging guards, xx jumping over Gollum,

[08.125] xx But very soon they began to ask questions. xx They had to have the whole vanishing business carefully explained, xx and the finding of the ring interested them so much xx that for a while they forgot their own troubles. xx Balin in particular xx insisted on having the Gollum story, xx riddles and all, xx told all over again, xx with the ring xx in its proper place.

[08.126] xx All except Balin. xx Long after the others had stopped talking xx and shut their eyes, xx he kept on muttering xx and chuckling to himself. xx

[08.127] xx ‘Gollum! Well I’m blest! xx So that’s how he sneaked past me, xx is it? xx Now I know! xx Just crept quietly along did you, xx Mr. Baggins? xx

A different rabbit hole for a moment…

Some lovely colleagues are helping me work through this one. Here’s the beginning of a small puzzle:

[05.015] xx ‘Bless us xx and splash us, my precioussss! xx I guess it’s a choice feast; xx at least a tasty morsel it’d make us, gollum!’ xx and when he said gollum xx he made a horrible swallowing noise xx in his throat. xx That is how he got his name, xx though he always called himself ‘my precious’.xx