A Tolkien Concordance

As of July 1, 2015, we have 1,534 entries, uncommon words from outside the ten thousand most frequently used words in the Project Gutenberg corpus.  A few common words have snuck in, such as “Be” because of Gollum’s sibilance.

Update July 1, 2016, we have added common words, mostly related to food, for a total of 1,600 words so far.

Seventy Three names of people, places, and things unique to Middle Earth.  These seventy three words are used a total of 2344 times.  I hope to generate some descriptive statistics on these.

Arkenstone         Azog         Bag-End         Baggins         Balin         Bard         Belladonna         Beorn         Bert         Bifur         Bilbo         Biter         Bladorthin         Bofur         Bolg         Bombur         Bullroarer         Bungo         Burrahobbit         Burrowes         Bywater         Carc         Dain         Dale         Dori         Dorwinion         Durin         Dwalin         Elrond         Esgaroth         Fili         Fundin         Galion         Gandalf         Girion         Glamdring         Gloin         Golfimbul         Gollum         Gondolin         Gram         Grubb         Gundabad       Hobbit       Huggins         Kili         Luckwearer         Misty         Mithril         Moria         Nain         Necromancer         Nori         Oakenshield         Oin         Orcrist         Ori         Radagast         Ravenhill         Ringwinner         Rivendell         Roäc         Smaug        Sting         Thorin         Thrain         Thror         Tom         Took         Underhill         Wain         Warg         Wilderland

For all the Food Words on one screen, here’s the Food Mini-Concordance!

And here’s the Hyphen Mini-Concordance!

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