So Many Editions! or all the pretty paragraphs

Many, many editions of The Hobbit abound – hooray that this story is dear to millions of readers!  With many editions, using a page number for a quote or idea reference can be problematic.  In my Hobbit-word study, I’ve made an index of the paragraphs of the work and given each paragraph a unique number.  When you see a quotation here or in the concordance which is my goal, you can just zip to the index to help you find it in your own edition to get context.

1951 Hobbit Paragraph Index

In the future, I’ll be exploring the 1937 edition; here’s the paragraph index of 1942 edition’s Chapter V.  This one is identical as far as I know to the 1937, and John Rateliff kindly helped me to locate this from the Children’s Book Club.

You can also find these paragraph index links on the About page.

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