I am finding classes of words as I go, and I’m not sure whether to divide words more or less narrowly.  “Thag” is Tolkien’s spelling of Bilbo trying to say “thank” when he has a headcold.  It’s not onomatopoeia, but is it poetical?  It’s definitely word play.  Is it an accent, such as the trolls have (“yerself”)?  Or an idiolect, such as Gollum has (“sits with it a bitsy”)?  Is it merely a temporary mispronunciation?  Should I call these words common and not count them?  Or uncommon and include them?  I believe that Gollum, Bert, Tom, and William will have their own entries for just this purpose.  For now, I wish to include “thag” as I find it emphasizes the auditory quality of this tale.  Like sagas, The Hobbit is meant to be heard.  If we are lucky, we get to read it aloud to our children, as it was born these decades past.

  • 10.039  Thag you very buch.

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