Wag appears eight times, mostly before chapter ten, but the last time in Chapter 11.  Beards and heads wag (which sounds funny to me!) and in Chapter 7 in Beorn’s home, dwarves are bowing and scraping so comically that the big man laughs and enjoins them to “stop wagging” their whole bodies.

Please note that here we find “a-wagging”, the only one of the a-gerunds uncommon enough to make it into our list.

  • 01.071 while the shadow of Gandalf’s beard wagged against the wall.
  • 01.090 who was wagging his mouth
  • 03.010 His head and beard wagged this way and that
  • 03.016 With beards all a-wagging?
  • 06.046 Thorin’s beard wagging beside him,
  • 06.046 and my stomach is wagging like an empty sack.’
  • 07.070 and stop wagging!’
  • 11.032 and the dwarves with wagging beards watching impatiently.

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