I certainly have an axe in my tool shed!  In Chapters 1 and 7, it’s a tool for wood-splitting – as Gandalf says, in the Shire “axes are used for trees”.  I find it lovely that between the axes of the goblins and the axes in the Mountain and in the battle, Beorn’s house was a little rest – a place where his huge axe was for firewood.

  • 01.117 and axes are used for trees,
  • 04.025 carrying the axes
  • 04.025 Hammers, axes, swords, daggers, pickaxes, tongs,
  • 06.072 and axes
  • 07.034 and was leaning on a large axe.
  • 07.035 put down his axe
  • 12.014 and axes,
  • 13.035 with a silver-hafted axe
  • 17.056 Thorin wielded his axe with mighty strokes,
  • 18.016 and notched axe were cast upon the floor.

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