I am pleased to note that cheer is distributed pretty evenly among the chapters.  If only “more of us valued food and cheer and song”.  Indeed.

  • 02.047 Then the night could have been spent cheerily.
  • 05.008 and after all if their holes are nice cheery places
  • 05.074 and cheerful,
  • 06.065 shouted and cheered.
  • 07.142 So cheer up Bilbo
  • 07.142 Cheer up Thorin
  • 08.037 They were at first inclined to be cheered by the change,
  • 10.037 or cheered if any dwarf showed so much as his nose.
  • 10.039 for he was not feeling particularly cheerful.
  • 12.043 Cheer up Bilbo!’
  • 12.081 in the meanwhile his friends did their best to cheer him up;
  • 13.039 for a drink of something cheering
  • 14.007 Think of something cheerful!’
  • 14.010 The cheering stopped
  • 14.013 and fro cheering on the archers
  • 14.038 and it cheered them greatly
  • 16.024 from this cold cheerless place,’
  • 16.046 Puzzled but cheered,
  • 18.019 If more of us valued food and cheer and song
  • 18.043 and cheerless road,

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