In our text, “incline” is always in the adjectival form and always describes characters’ personality traits, not the relative levelness or plumb of tunnels or mountains.

  • 01.004 They are inclined to be fat
  • 05.134 at the bottom of a short incline,
  • 07.136 The dwarves were inclined to grumble at this,
  • 08.037 They were at first inclined to be cheered by the change,
  • 08.143 until he feels inclined to tell the truth,
  • 09.034 even if I feel inclined to try.’
  • 10.003 (which some were inclined to attribute to the dragon –
  • 12.034 as Bilbo felt inclined to point out.
  • 12.042 and he was inclined to feel a bit proud of himself
  • 13.032 they were inclined to be grumpy

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