I am fascinated to observe the gap in the uses of “yell” in chapters 9 through 16.  Surely, there was a good deal of noise being made in those chapters.

  • 04.015 Of course he gave a very loud yell,
  • 04.015 as loud a yell as a hobbit can give,
  • 04.016 Bilbo’s yell had done that much good.
  • 04.036 The yells and yammering,
  • 04.038 down more dark passages with the yells of the goblin-hall
  • 04.048 and gave one yell before they were killed.
  • 04.048 The ones behind yelled still more,
  • 05.137 With yells of delight
  • 05.138 They yelled twice as loud as before,
  • 05.141 This way!’ some yelled.
  • 05.141 That way!’ others yelled.
  • 06.028 As soon as Gandalf had heard Bilbo’s yell
  • 06.071 Then suddenly goblins came running up yelling.
  • 06.082 the goblins yelled
  • 07.084 They yelled with delight
  • 08.073 and though after a while it seemed to him they changed to yells
  • 17.050 The yells were deafening.

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