Another word which sounds just like what it means.  Almost half of these bumps are from Chapter 9.

  • 03.012 or bumped his nose on the pony’s neck.
  • 04.045 said poor Mr. Baggins bumping up
  • 04.051 bumped his head on hard rock,
  • 05.008 not when their heads have recovered from being bumped.
  • 05.144 and avoid being bumped into,
  • 05.145 who could not make out what he had bumped into,
  • 07.108 and had rolled down with a bump from the platform on to the floor.
  • 08.059 bumping crash into trees,
  • 09.011 or for fear of being bumped into
  • 09.029 one of them bumped into another,
  • 09.038 and the bumping they would get inside,
  • 09.049 Down they go, down they bump!
  • 09.050 and a bump,
  • 09.056 and bumping mass of casks
  • 09.061 though a few went on to bump against the stony pier.
  • 13.015 when Bilbo fell forward down the step with a bump into the hall,

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