Once again we affirm that whether a sound is funny, mundane, or scary depends entirely on what’s making it.

  • 02.033 groaned Dori
  • 06.035 groaned Bilbo,
  • 06.085 but Dori groaned ‘my poor legs,
  • 07.012 The dwarves groaned
  • 07.099 the branches groaned, the forest moaned,
  • 07.148 groaned the hobbit.
  • 10.010 through the shallow water to lie groaning on the shore.
  • 10.010 Groans came from inside,
  • 10.012 so after a few more groans he got up
  • 10.039 There were no more groans or grumbles.
  • 11.032 The dwarves groaned,
  • 13.003 they groaned.

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