Shivers down our spines?  High-register word!

  • 02.072 than he gave an awful howl.
  • 02.080 It made him howl,
  • 04.012 The wind was howling
  • 04.033 The Great Goblin gave a truly awful howl of rage
  • 04.036 howls, growls and curses;
  • 04.044 and howls
  • 06.049 All of a sudden they heard a howl away down hill,
  • 06.049 a long shuddering howl.
  • 06.049 It was wolves howling at the moon,
  • 06.056 for there were howls all round them now,
  • 06.058 howling into the clearing.
  • 06.065 while those that were burning were running about howling
  • 06.067 and hear the howling
  • 06.070 and howling round the trunks,
  • 06.082 There was a howl of anger
  • 07.132 in which there came the howl of hunting wolves
  • 17.048 and howls rent the air afar.
  • 17.059 The bodyguard of Bolg came howling against them,

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