Here’s another for which the inflection matters – “runes” is within the Hundred Thousand, but “rune”, from 01.104, is not.

  • 01.105 You see that rune on the West side,
  • 01.105 and the hand pointing to it from the other runes?
  • 01.109 and three may walk abreast” say the runes,
  • 02.115 but when we can read the runes on them,
  • 03.035 Elrond knew all about runes of every kind.
  • 03.035 This, Thorin, the runes name Orcrist,
  • 03.040 beside the plain runes which say ‘five feet high the door
  • 03.041 and he also liked runes
  • 11.013 pondering over the runes
  • 11.019 about the runes or the moon-letters,

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