A Proofreading Day

Today, June 3, 2015, I made a proofreading run through all of the posts so far.  I checked spelling, formatting, grammar, syntax, logic.  I updated old posts which had incorrect numbers.  I fixed tags and added tags; for example, I made sure to add the tag “100K” to those entries which had been made before those outside of the Hundred Thousand were discovered.  It has been a delicious day of review and synthesis.

Now I will sleep on all these lovely words which I have gathered up as Smaug did his gold and let them work their way into my dreams and thoughts until they and their patterns are as known to me as every gleaming cup in the treasure-hoard.

Two classes of words remain unrecorded which were in the My Goodness post: compound words and those whose inflections as used in The Hobbit are actually within the Hundred Thousand.  As none of them are obsolete or archaic, or food words, or onomatopoeia, I will get to them when next I enter individual words.  Those three categories seem to be the best ones to move forward with to the next phase: Lexomics.

Also, bless them, the home servers for this blog seem to be at least four hours east of New Hampshire, as this post has been given a date stamp of June 4th.  We run on New Hampshire time at Signum University, however, so I’ll let my date notation of June 3d stand.

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