Chapter One: A Peak in Uncommon Words

This first local peak occurs in Chapter 1, and we must remember what it represents: the five thousand words surrounding this point contain a peak number of uncommon words.  Still it’s fun to see exactly what’s happening right at the peak:


So apt.  This little peak comes at

[01.017]: You will notice already that Mr. Baggins was not quite so prosy as he liked to believe, also that he was very fond of flowers.

Yes, indeed, not prosy at all.  Perhaps even given to using uncommon words like “snapdragon” or “laburnums of fire”.  This five thousand word window looks in on plenty of uncommon words like “dwarves” and “dragon”.

You can see that this peak does not fall off immediately, the windows next to it contain “Far Over the Misty Mountains” at their edge.

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