The Very Peak – Slightly Fluid.

I’m looking closely at the very peak of our uncommon word graph.

2015.06.14 Fluid Peak

It comes right at the start of Chapter Five:

[05.012] Deep down here by the dark water lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature. I don’t know where he came from, nor who or what he was. …
[05.015] ‘Bless us and splash us, my precioussss! I guess it’s a choice feast; at least a tasty morsel it’d make us, gollum!’ And when he said gollum he made a horrible swallowing noise in his throat. That is how he got his name, though he always called himself ‘my precious’.

Is it a name?  Or a sound word?  In the current analysis, it’s counting as an uncommon word, a sound word.  I will be counting it as a sound word when we examine those separately, as it’s such an ingenious way of communicating the character’s dangerousness.  Of the 550 uncommon words in Chapter 5, “Gollum/gollum” accounts for only 100 of them.  The scene is terribly dense with uncommon words, thanks to Gollum’s manner of speaking.  May I give you a glimpse of my MarkWords file?

[05.048] After a while UNCOMMON began to UNCOMMON with pleasure to himself: ‘Is it nice, my UNCOMMON? Is it juicy? Is it UNCOMMON UNCOMMON?’ He began to peer at Bilbo out of the darkness.

[05.049] ‘Half a moment,’ said the hobbit UNCOMMON, ‘I gave you a good long chance just now.’

[05.050] ‘It must make UNCOMMON, UNCOMMON!’ said UNCOMMON, beginning to climb out of his boat

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