And so we draw to a close.  Bilbo learns later what leads to the little trough at 92,000.  (Sidenote: I am confused why the Lexos graph ends just before word 93,000 as the last dot is labeled, even though the x-axis label seems to go to word 100,000.  We know from counting that the text file that Lexos read has 96,157 words.  I’ll research and report back, Word Fans.)


[18.024] …But weariness left [the goblins’] enemies with the coming of new hope, and they pursued them closely, and prevented most of them from escaping where they could.

After this, a small rise through leave-takings and the safe, healing, restorative journey home.  Our tale ends where it began, in The Shire.  At the very end of this graph, the proportion of uncommon words is 0.044.  We’ve been here before, of course.  For those of you trying to draw a level line with your eyes, the trough of Chapter 1 measured in at 0.042.

[01.096] ‘Pardon me,’ he said, ‘if I have overheard words that you were saying.

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