Uncommon Words: Revealing Adventures in Mirkwood

The area of the most common words, comes in Mirkwood.  Thorin and Company have been starving, the dark and depressing atmosphere weighing them down.

2015.06.14 Mirkwood

At the very nadir, [08.016], Bilbo peers into the darkness at the boat across the stream and Fili hooks it.  Suddenly – watch the line rise –  the deer appears, Thorin shoots, Bombur falls into the water, and at the top of that meteoric straight-line rise in the frequency of uncommon words,

[08.057]  they all left the path and plunged into the forest together.

From there, the differently-angled climbing peak in Mirkwood includes the drawing and naming of Sting, the moment that Bilbo decides to become a hero and lead the spiders away, and his spontaneous poetry!

We’re carefully remembering that each point on the graph represents the mid-point of a five-thousand word window – the stream-crossing and the drawing of Sting happen well within a single window whose point is on the sharply rising line.  Let’s also keep in mind that the word “spider” is among the uncommon words.  I am having fun looking at the specific points, however, and I hope you are as well, Word Fans.

Our adventures in Mirkwood are not quite over!  The dip at 53,000 comes a few pages before the end of chapter eight when the company is relieved to have been rescued and the perspective shifts to Thorin’s capture by the Wood-Elves.  The peak at 57,000 begins the daring Chapter 9 escape out of the Elvenking’s fortress.

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