Another Proofreading Day

Today I ran through all the “Home” blog posts again for spelling, formatting, errors.  I had an inspiring and encouraging advisor meeting yesterday with The Tolkien Professor!  With all the exciting bits and pieces it’s easy to become scattered and his broad perspective helped me step back and get a better focus.  Let’s not lose sight of one very practical outcome: a working, useful concordance with helpful tidbits about each entry.

He has encouraged me to delve into our Lexos analyses – what makes that peak in uncommon words in Chapter 5?  We see it from the whole-book perspective and from the one-word-at a time perspective.  Now, can we name the classes of words which make it happen?  Our onomatopoeia words are a big driver – what else?

I’m looking forward to the journey.  For this evening, however, I think I’ve earned my cold chicken and pickles, porter, and seed-cakes.

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