It’s not an uncommon word – but we include it because of how Gollum pronounces the plural!  It’s a sound-play word!

  • 05.045 teaching his grandmother to suck – ‘Eggses!’ he hissed.
  • 05.045 Eggses it is!’ Then he asked:

I look forward to the day when I can add all the eggs in the work, not just the uncommonly spelled ones.

2016.03.25 – and that happy day has come!  Eggs seems to be evenly distributed, as closely as such non-robust things can be.

  • 01.057 Put on a few eggs,
  • 01.141 I like six eggs with my ham,
  • 05.002 He thought of himself frying bacon and eggs
  • 08.074 and eggs
  • 15.014 since I came out of the egg,
  • 16.047 he was dreaming of eggs and bacon.

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