“Tooks” and “Took’s” were automatically flagged as uncommon – I have found all of the instances of “Took” the family name as well (which our filter though was the quite common past participle of “take”).

  • 01.004 was the famous Belladonna Took,
  • 01.004 one of the three remarkable daughters of the Old Took
  • 01.004 that long ago one of the Took ancestors must have taken a fairy wife.
  • 01.004 that the Tooks were not as respectable as the Bagginses,
  • 01.005 Not that Belladonna Took ever had any adventures
  • 01.005 got something a bit queer in his make-up from the Took side,
  • 01.006 not since his friend the Old Took died,
  • 01.016 to be good-morninged by Belladonna Took’s son,
  • 01.017 that gave Old Took a pair of magic diamond studs
  • 01.017 Old Took used to have them on Midsummer’s Eve.
  • 01.018 Indeed for your old grandfather Took’s sake,
  • 01.083 Then something Tookish woke up inside him,
  • 01.094 even to Old Took’s great-grand-uncle Bullroarer,
  • 01.096 The Took side had won.
  • 01.097 I had a great-great-great-grand-uncle once, Bullroarer Took, and –
  • 01.119 but so far still Tookishly determined to go on with things.
  • 01.142 The Tookishness was wearing off,
  • 06.030 at Old Took’s midsummer-eve parties,
  • 06.050 (on the Took side)
  • 12.009 said the least Tookish part of him.
  • 17.060 (with the more Tookish part of his mind)
  • 18.054 The Tookish part was getting very tired,
  • 19.038 except by his nephews xx and nieces on the Took side,

Update 2016.02.11

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