Raven (noun)

Lest we forget – the OED had something to say about the croak of ravens

  • 15.007 I only wish he was a raven!’
  • 15.009 But the ravens are different.
  • 15.010 I knew many among the ravens of the rocks
  • 15.013 He was an aged raven of great size.
  • 15.014 Now I am the chief of the great ravens of the Mountain.
  • 15.018 and listen to the raven’s news.
  • 15.027 guided by a raven,
  • 15.027 the ravens brought them constant tidings.
  • 16.004 when the ravens brought news
  • 16.045 There is news brewing that even the ravens have not heard.
  • 17.044 Not even the ravens knew of their coming

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