• 02.070 to scramble out of the way of their feet,
  • 04.040 He made the hobbit scramble on his shoulders
  • 05.145 scrambled away on all fours,
  • 06.057 and let Bilbo scramble up
  • 06.082 who were scrambling up now as far as they ever dared to go.
  • 07.029 through which you could neither see nor scramble.
  • 07.082 and of their scramble down the stone-slide
  • 08.029 Dwalin had just scrambled out
  • 08.059 and scrambled forwards into the ring
  • 08.104 he scrambled up –
  • 08.112 and he scrambled
  • 08.114 Down the dwarves scrambled or jumped or dropped,
  • 09.055 but for all his efforts he could not scramble on top.
  • 09.059 of scrambling
  • 09.064 He scrambled down as fast as his stiff legs would take him
  • 11.014 and scrambled among the tumbled rocks at its southern corner.
  • 13.065 It scrambled steeply up,
  • 16.017 He had barely scrambled out on the far bank,

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