• 08.098 on the spur of a very awkward moment.
  • 11.003 to a great spur of the Mountain
  • 11.005 of the great southern spur,
  • 11.006 the western spurs of the Mountain for the hidden door,
  • 11.008 but they went on beyond the end of the southern spur,
  • 11.013 and walled with lower spurs of the Mountain.
  • 17.031 round the eastern spur of the Mountain
  • 17.032 and the eastern spur;
  • 17.045 and themselves to man the great spurs
  • 17.048 On the Southern spur,
  • 17.048 on the Eastern spur were men
  • 17.048 round the spur’s end
  • 17.053 to attack the spurs from above.
  • 17.054 Now Bard was fighting to defend the Eastern spur,

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