• 07.026 If one was to sting me,’
  • 08.075 that carried such stings at their sides,
  • 08.077 and I shall call you Sting.’
  • 08.104 and before the spider knew what was happening it felt his sting
  • 08.110 he’s got a sting has he?
  • 08.112 in the way of stings for them.
  • 08.114 and waving his Sting;
  • 08.122 I will do the stinging!’
  • 08.123 but they had become mortally afraid of Sting,
  • 12.052 the stinging fly.
  • 17.028 I will sting your miserable feet.
  • 17.050 and each flickered as it fled as if with stinging fire.

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