• 08.130 Then the Wood-elves had come to him,
  • 08.131 The feasting people were Wood-elves,
  • 08.131 in the Wide World the Wood-elves lingered
  • 08.144 for Wood-elves were not goblins,
  • 09.001 Out leaped Wood-elves with their bows
  • 09.011 Companies of the Wood-elves,
  • 09.016 would suffer seriously if the Wood-elves claimed part of it,
  • 09.018 for the Wood-elves,
  • 09.025 It must be potent wine to make a wood-elf drowsy;
  • 10.003 and the Wood-elves
  • 10.003 and the river was guarded by the Wood-elves’ king.
  • 10.009 to be taken back up the stream to the Wood-elves’ home.
  • 10.018 they were friends with the Wood-elves.
  • 10.025 their knives had been taken from them by the wood-elves,
  • 10.033 in the Wood-elves’ realm.
  • 10.036 The Wood-elves themselves began to wonder greatly
  • 10.040 In the meanwhile the Wood-elves had gone back
  • 12.007 or rough wood-elves’ cave.
  • 18.024 to the Wood-elves’ realm

This word is not found in OED.

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