• 01.123 Later he used to crawl out of the great gate
  • 04.009 Soon Fili and Kili came crawling back,
  • 05.002 and crawled along for a good way,
  • 05.108 It was no good crawling back
  • 06.006 as he crawled into the bushes at the edge of the dell.
  • 07.031 and crawling
  • 08.058 and crawling
  • 08.109 and kept back those that crawled up.
  • 08.113 and crawling along the boughs above the heads of the dwarves.
  • 09.059 Up he crawled like a drowned rat,
  • 11.012 and though autumn was now crawling towards winter
  • 11.023 of huge size crawling slowly

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