• 01.075 To hide in gems on hilt of sword.
  • 08.071 and white gems glinted on their collars
  • 08.133 and white gems;
  • 12.013 gems
  • 12.014 and his long pale belly crusted with gems
  • 12.074 and hard gems.
  • 12.096 was the great white gem,
  • 13.019 but indeed there could not be two such gems,
  • 13.020 and heavy gem;
  • 13.021 to include this marvellous gem,
  • 13.033 they gathered gems
  • 13.036 and studded about the brim with white gems,
  • 14.023 his belly glittered white with sparkling fires of gems
  • 15.041 His hands are rich with gems
  • 17.019 setting aside the gems;
  • 19.003 Than gems without measure,

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