• 01.075 There many a gleaming golden hoard
  • 03.035 They must have come from a dragon’s hoard or goblin plunder,
  • 08.133 and though his hoard was rich,
  • 12.035 with the whole hoard of Thror on my back?
  • 12.096 to the great hoard itself
  • 12.098 But the enchanted desire of the hoard
  • 13.019 in so marvellous a hoard,
  • 13.039 more clear of the bewitchment of the hoard
  • 15.035 and instruments regained from the hoard,
  • 15.048 in your hoard is mingled
  • 15.051 had you found the hoard unguarded
  • 17.019 For it I will give one fourteenth share of the hoard
  • 17.029 and see if you have brought from the hoard the portion
  • 18.019 above hoarded gold,
  • 18.033 no longer any question of dividing the hoard

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