Note that in almost all instances “Lake-town” is the proper name of the town, well and good.  But once, in 14.002, it is a word in itself a kind of town, the uncapitalized “lake-town Esgaroth”.  “Lake-town” is not attested in OED.

  • 09.019 From Lake-town the barrels were brought up the Forest River.
  • 09.020 and floated back to Lake-town,
  • 09.064 down the stream to Lake-town.
  • 10.009 into the little bay of Lake-town.
  • 10.009 in Lake-town.
  • 10.017 I suggest Lake-town,’
  • 10.038 coming down the river to Lake-town.
  • 10.040 in Lake-town,
  • 10.045 three large boats left Lake-town,
  • 11.019 and tools of many sorts from Lake-town,
  • 12.085 to take to Lake-town all right,
  • 12.087 from Lake-town
  • 14.002 The men of the lake-town Esgaroth
  • 14.031 In the Lake-town we have always elected masters
  • 18.034 to the Master of Lake-town;
  • 19.043 and Lake-town was refounded

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