A Most Fascinating Graph – and a Little Contest

Quick, Word Fans, without thinking too hard, name the scenes wherein Bilbo makes his greatest personal growth – makes his famous choices!  My picks are –

  • Chapter 5, Riddles in the Dark, when going forward is the only thing to do, his hand comes upon a ring, and he survives by his wits against a very disturbing adversary
  • Chapter 8, Flies and Spiders, when he draws and names his little sword and rescues his friends from spiders
  • Chapter 9, Barrels Out of Bond, when he plans and enacts a daring escape for himself and thirteen dwarves
  • Chapter 12, Inside Information, when he matches wits with a dragon!!
  • Chapter 16, A Thief in the Night, when he has wrestled his ethics into their proper order and saves his friend Thorin by betraying him

Well, I was noodling around with Lexos, as you do, and plugging in different words to see if they made a pretty pattern.  My picks up above do not quite match this new graph, but four out of six ain’t badBilbo

Here’s the contest: Of what one word in The Hobbit does this graph represent the frequency?

Update 2015.07.08 – this is the graph of the word “Bilbo” – congratulations KayPendragon!  I’ve added the word to the legend of the graph

The first correct answerer in the comments section will receive a custom made minisock – suitable for decorating holiday trees – in your choice of the scarlet-and-gold of the Signum University Eagles or the purple-and-silver of the Mythgard Institute Dragons.

23 thoughts on “A Most Fascinating Graph – and a Little Contest

  1. Good Morning, Word Fans! No one has solved the riddle yet, but two of you are sniffing about the same tree I was. Second guesses are absolutely allowed – after all, there is second breakfast – especially if during my sleep time someone guessed your same guess ahead of you.

    In honor of you all, and the pleasure of waking up to discover I’ve had visitors from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States pay me a visit, I will have bacon, eggs, re-fried potatoes, and put the kettle on after my morning constitutional.


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