More Hyphen Thoughts

I had the great pleasure of talking with Tech Support about the graph I shared on July 10th:

Hyphenated Graph

Tech Support made a few interpretations –

  • Clearly Bilbo’s native language of Westron is perfectly suited to hobbit life and has many specific words relevant to the Shire and the hosting of tea-parties that English simply can’t translate and hyphenated words must do to cover the inadequacy.
  • British English is plenty concerned with hunger and sogginess and dimness, so the Mirkwood scene was directly translatable into common English words.
  • He hazards a guess that Westron is agglutinative, that it is a more parochial and conservative language than a language that has reached the “modern” stage.

Shout-out to Mark Rosenfelder whose Language Construction Kit moved Tech Support from actively resisting the conventions of grammar (as nine-year-olds are wont to do) to giving Mama grammar lessons so she can do her thesis work.

4 thoughts on “More Hyphen Thoughts

  1. I can appreciate the intrinsic value of grow-your-own Tech Support. Such resources should be locally sourced as much as possible.


  2. What evidence is there to disprove the hypothesis that Tolkien is following a sadly under-used convention in English punctuation, that of hyphenating all compouned nouns? In other words: Are there any compouned nouns which he does not hyphenate?


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