Gl- Words

Well, gosh.  I observed but not out loud that “gl-” does have a lot to do with visual imagery – glimpse, glimmer, glitter.

This week among other things I am upgrading several concordance entries from “brief” (tagged just so) to having some kind of commentary.  I ran up against “gloat”, looked it up a bit pro forma, and lo and behold, “gloat” does not mean what I thought it meant.  It is a visual imagery word.

Today I am doing a mini-lesson on the “gl-” words!  In a couple of hours, you should be able to follow this “gl-” tag to see what we can see!  Please note that I explored these words this morning in reverse alphabetical order, so to follow my stream of thought you should begin with “glum” and work your way to “glade” in the tag list.  “Glimpse”, “glimmer”, and “gleam” I had done way back in May, not thinking of this little exploration.

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