Thanks for Coming!

Last Saturday, I had a ball chatting with The Tolkien Professor and Dave Kale about digital humanities, scholarly collaboration, and words analysis of The Hobbit.  During our broadcast, we raised about $3K for Signum University, and I’m tickled pick that the folks in the audience enjoyed our word-geekery as much as Dave and I did.

Thank you for attending, sending in your questions, and best of all, participating in the little graph-guessing game that I created.  My next task is to put up those words we graphed and add them to the concordance.

Want to watch the show?

3 thoughts on “Thanks for Coming!

  1. A question came up while I was listening to the rebroadcast at (I like Christmas on Friday; lots of free time!) I decided to take Prof. Olsen’s smackdown as a challenge.
    Have you done any really-basic statistics on the text? I’d like to see the pattern of how many words are in each sentence as the story goes on. I know JRRT played games with sentence-length for emphasis in LotR — does he do it in The Hobbit as well?


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