The Video is Available!

Word Fans, you can now listen to my thesis chat and watch the slides at the same time! ITunes U has a new course called Signum Sessions.  Among the many treats there, please find “Words That You Were Saying” and choose the free video download.  It’s a great little video for a dark and stormy night, friends, and I recommend a lovely accompanying pork pie and salad!

2 thoughts on “The Video is Available!

  1. Hi Sparrow

    I loved the video and will watch it again. I’m rather new to this and I just have one question, “Of what use is this new born baby?” I mean, what can we discover using this type of research? Do the hills and valleys have meaning? Are we seeing something intentional, created by the author, or is this something that is inevitably created by a text through the act of using words in a meaningful order? Any ideas what could be parced from this kind of word searching? Thanks for all your work, this is an amazing, reminds me of mendelbrot’s work on randomness.


    • Or did the author do this instinctively? Is this something that apprentices can study until it becomes second nature and they are master? (I have found the “comments” tab…


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