I’ve always been fascinated by the first use of “fruit” in The Hobbit, as a description of hobbit laughs. It gave me the impression of chuckling and full-bellied laughter.  The OED reveals a colloquial meaning for fruity as:

colloq. Full of rich or strong quality; highly interesting, attractive, or suggestive.

and thus the 01.004 use of fruit has earned the “archaic” tag.  I now can hear hobbit laughter quite clearly – rich and strong, interesting, attractive, suggestive.  Thanks, OED!

  • 01.004 and laugh deep fruity laughs
  • 07.126 nuts, flour, sealed jars of dried fruits,
  • 08.105 and dangle like ripe fruit)
  • 19.043 and fruit and feasting in autumn.

“fruity, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2016. Web. 10 March 2016.


One thought on “Fruit

  1. I happened to be out buying wine yesterday, from which I can report that the first meaning of “fruit” may be archaic, but it is far from obsolete. The lady behind the counter called a California Cabernet Sauvignon “fruit-forward”, which I only understood because you wrote this one down.

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