“Pipe” gets the “food” tag just as rooms and food storage containers do.  We must note, however, that the use in 14.040 refers to the sound of birds, not to a tool for smoking tobacco.  Word Fans, I’m counting on you to double-check me when it comes time to graph all the food words, that I do not count that instance of “pipe”, and I’m sure many other words to come which have double meanings.  “Clay-pipe” has already been addressed as an uncommon word.

  • 01.006 smoking an enormous long wooden pipe
  • 01.010 And a very fine morning for a pipe of tobacco out of doors,
  • 01.010 If you have a pipe about you,
  • 01.068 and found Thorin with his feet on the fender smoking a pipe.
  • 02.027 and Bilbo’s pipe
  • 04.013 got out their pipes
  • 05.004 After some time he felt for his pipe.
  • 07.116 and he took out his pipe.
  • 14.040 and piping.

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