In a search for “sup” and its forms, only “supper” is found.  The uncommon “supper-time” is found in its own entry.

  • 01.046 and whether they would all stay to supper.
  • 01.061 I suppose you will all stay to supper?’
  • 02.031 and Thorin muttered something about supper,
  • 02.035 and there was mighty little left for supper,
  • 02.037 and anything was better than little supper,
  • 02.059 who had already had a fine supper,
  • 02.063 if only you won’t have me for supper.”
  • 02.064 He had already had as much supper as he could hold;
  • 03.024 Supper is preparing over there,” he said.
  • 03.026 But the dwarves were all for supper
  • 06.038 or we shall be made into supper,
  • 06.092 and to begin to think of being torn up for supper like a rabbit,
  • 07.090 but you deserve a supper for the story all the same.
  • 07.094 There they had a supper,
  • 07.113 and the dwarves were having supper,
  • 07.115 and none till after supper!
  • 09.062 He no longer thought twice about picking up a supper uninvited
  • 16.012 and for a soft bed after a good supper!

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