Tables – full of good things to eat and a venue for fellowship… until chapter 13, when tables turn into rotten things and are never mentioned again.

  • 01.029 They had not been at table long,
  • 01.037 and Dwalin were talking at the table like old friends
  • 01.043 while the four dwarves sat round the table,
  • 01.059 and a couple of small tables
  • 01.068 or under the table,
  • 01.092 knocking over the table.
  • 01.101 On the table
  • 05.054 Fish on a little table,
  • 05.054 man at table sitting on a stool,
  • 07.093 under the table)
  • 07.093 and he probably had them low like the tables
  • 07.093 so soon they were all seated at Beorn’s table,
  • 07.094 and on the table were two tall red beeswax candles.
  • 07.096 They sat long at the table
  • 09.011 from store or table
  • 09.024 and see if it is fit for the king’s table.
  • 09.025 and sat down at a table on which two large flagons were set.
  • 09.026 then he laid it on the table
  • 09.026 but soon his head too nodded to the table,
  • 09.040 I haven’t seen him at the tables tonight.
  • 10.028 looking at long tables filled with folk.
  • 10.030 Pressing forward before the Master’s table they cried:
  • 10.036 Even Bilbo was given a seat at the high table,
  • 13.046 Tables were rotting there;

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