In case you are researching all forms of tea in The Hobbit, I’ve included tea-time here as well as in its own, uncommon, entry.  There is no instance of tea-pot or tea-kettle joined thus into single words by hyphen.

  • 01.021 But please come to tea –
  • 01.022 What on earth did I ask him to tea for!’
  • 01.024 Gandalf Tea Wednesday.
  • 01.025 Just before tea-time
  • 01.028 he added: ‘I am just about to take tea;
  • 01.034 and have some tea!’
  • 01.051 Tea!
  • 01.098 here this Wednesday tea-time.’
  • 02.029 It was after tea-time;
  • 03.010 Tea-time had long gone by,
  • 07.001 nor tea nor toast nor bacon for his breakfast,
  • 18.040 Tea is at four;

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