Most of the wine, bless it, is in Mirkwood.  Wine-barrel, of course, has its own uncommon entry.

  • 01.051 A little red wine,
  • 01.065 Splash the wine on every door!
  • 01.090 all praise to his wine
  • 09.018 were very fond of wine,
  • 09.018 The wine,
  • 09.019 he learned how the wine
  • 09.023 and taste the new wine that has just come in.
  • 09.025 It must be potent wine to make a wood-elf drowsy;
  • 09.025 but this wine,
  • 09.035 The wine of Dorwinion brings deep
  • 09.048 and his best wine
  • 09.063 and a leather bottle of wine
  • 18.048 I have drunk much of your wine

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