Pocket-knife has its own entry.

  • 01.058 and dishes and knives and forks
  • 01.059 and before he could say knife
  • 01.064 Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
  • 02.086 and they took out their knives.
  • 02.114 and Bilbo took a knife
  • 05.071 Knife!’ he said at last.
  • 07.093 and platters and knives and wooden spoons,
  • 07.095 and few save the knives were made of metal at all.
  • 08.111 and cutting at the threads with their knives.
  • 08.115 Some of the dwarves had knives,
  • 09.002 their small knives,
  • 10.025 their knives had been taken from them by the wood-elves,

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