Like “fat”, most instances of “bone” don’t seem to be about food – yet some are.  You be the judge as you are tracking the food mentions in The Hobbit!

  • 01.065 Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
  • 02.059 and boned.”
  • 02.113 There were bones on the floor
  • 05.054 the cat has the bones’ that of course is the answer,
  • 05.087 He still had a bone or two left to gnaw,
  • 06.078 fat melts, and bones black
  • 08.110 and leave your bones
  • 12.091 in my bones that this place will be attacked again.
  • 13.046 and bones were upon the floor
  • 14.043 There for ages his huge bones could be seen
  • 18.021 in his bones for the homeward journey.
  • 19.002 His bones are now crumbled;

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