We reach the signal word itself!

I am intrigued to compare our “uncommon food words” graph to the graph of this word: how intriguing!  The scales are quite different, of course, the word “food” occurring only 39 times in the text.  What interests me is that the word “food” pops up in regions where the uncommon food words are low… vs uncommon foods

Once we’ve completed our survey of food, I am excited to see the graph of the entire repast!

  • 02.035 Of course it was mostly food,
  • 02.109 and food!”
  • 02.113 but there was a good deal of food
  • 02.116 and such food as was untouched
  • 03.005 “We need food,
  • 03.033 whether you liked food,
  • 03.034 Their bags were filled with food
  • 04.042 and no food,
  • 06.001 cloak, food, pony, his buttons
  • 06.061 especially to get food or slaves to work for them.
  • 07.012 We have no food,
  • 07.126 and he would lade them with food
  • 07.126 nor food.
  • 07.126 and nuts are about all that grows there fit for food;
  • 07.127 and the food I send with you.
  • 07.144 when the food begins to run short.’
  • 08.007 The food would not last for ever:
  • 08.036 was a poor exchange for packs filled with food however heavy.
  • 08.043 there was no food to go back to down below.
  • 08.046 and crumbs of food;
  • 08.052 and dream of food,
  • 08.059 with the one idea of begging for some food.
  • 08.060 for scraps of food for fear of becoming separated again.
  • 08.125 and where was there any food,
  • 08.140 Looking for food
  • 08.144 They gave him food
  • 09.010 and to be given food
  • 09.011 by stealing food
  • 10.011 If you want food,
  • 13.057 (and not altogether without food)
  • 13.062 but I see no sign of food.
  • 14.037 and food.
  • 14.038 and there was little food
  • 15.024 And little food to use!’
  • 15.028 for they had food for some weeks with care –
  • 18.019 If more of us valued food and cheer and song

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