I was a little surprised to learn that “barrel” is a comparatively common word, so I checked more closely – it is approximately the nine-thousandth most common word in the Project Gutenberg corpus.  It occurs mostly in Chapter Nine, of course.  Note that in Chapter One, it does not refer to food.

  • 01.113 with a long barrel
  • 02.043 Also there was a barrel of good drink at hand,
  • 02.049 Bert and Tom went off to the barrel.
  • 02.116 also one barrel of ale which was still full.
  • 05.144 and to sneak behind a big barrel
  • 09.001 Chapter IX BARRELS OUT OF BOND
  • 09.018 There stood barrels,
  • 09.018 and barrels, and barrels;
  • 09.018 and barrels, and barrels;
  • 09.019 Hiding behind one of the largest barrels
  • 09.019 From Lake-town the barrels were brought up the Forest River.
  • 09.020 When the barrels were empty
  • 09.020 and out the barrels floated on the stream,
  • 09.037 get the empty barrels
  • 09.038 in the sides of the barrels,
  • 09.048 they answered rolling the barrels to the opening.
  • 09.050 So they sang as first one barrel
  • 09.050 Some were barrels really empty,
  • 09.051 in a barrel himself,
  • 09.051 to the place where the barrels were collected.
  • 09.052 so as to let out the barrels as soon as they were all afloat below.
  • 09.054 Now the very last barrel
  • 09.054 into the cold dark water with the barrel on top of him.
  • 09.055 the barrel rolled round
  • 09.055 for you cannot count friends that are all packed up in barrels.
  • 09.056 even if he had managed to get astride his barrel,
  • 09.059 the eddying current carried several barrels
  • 09.059 up the side of his barrel
  • 09.060 Before long the barrels broke free again
  • 09.060 and the barrel was a good big one
  • 09.061 On the shallow shore most of the barrels ran aground,
  • 09.062 and pushed all the barrels together
  • 09.062 He slipped from his barrel
  • 09.064 They were making up a raft of barrels,
  • 09.065 The barrels now all lashed together
  • 10.004 shivering on the barrels,
  • 10.009 As soon as the raft of barrels came
  • 10.009 in the meanwhile the barrels were left afloat
  • 10.010 First of all a barrel was cut loose by Bilbo
  • 10.012 which were the right barrels.
  • 10.040 about keys or barrels while the dwarves stayed
  • 12.060 Maybe Barrel was your pony’s name;

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