Caveat lector, sometimes these are animals and sometimes food.  Fellow scholars exploring fish in the Hobbit must judge for themselves whether each instance is about a comestible.  Almost all of them are in Chapter 5, just as we would wish them to be.


  • 05.011 fish whose fathers swam in,
  • 05.011 also there are other things more slimy than fish.
  • 05.012 He was looking out of his pale lamp-like eyes for blind fish,
  • 05.012 Sometimes he took a fancy for fish from the lake,
  • 05.012 and sometimes neither goblin nor fish came back.
  • 05.050 a fish jumped out
  • 05.051 Fish!
  • 05.051 fish!’ he cried.
  • 05.051 It is fish!’
  • 05.054 talking of fish,
  • 05.054 Fish on a little table,
  • 05.087 and tired of fish.
  • 05.128 cold fish,
  • 14.007 Anything from floods to poisoned fish.
  • 14.018 and poisoned fish,
  • 16.018 That was no fish!’

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