Well, Word Fans, sometimes it’s the integumentary organ, sometimes it’s just that used to carry potable liquid.  Be careful when counting it as a food word.

  • 02.059 “not when he was skinned
  • 02.080 and his skin torn,
  • 05.016 The hobbit jumped nearly out of his skin
  • 05.087 in a pouch next his skin,
  • 06.078 till hair smells and skins crack,
  • 06.099 he was not much good at skinning rabbits
  • 07.021 when he doesn’t turn their skins into squirrels?’ asked Bilbo.
  • 07.022 He changes his skin:
  • 07.126 I will provide you with skins for carrying water,
  • 08.008 and filled some of their emptied skins at its bank.
  • 08.082 What nasty thick skins they have to be sure,
  • 08.110 and skin hanging on a tree.
  • 12.081 right down to the skin.

“skin, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 28 June 2016.

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