Exiles, Outcasts, and Orphans

I am listening to Verlyn Flieger’s lectures of the “Tolkien’s World of Middle Earth” course at Signum University.   I hope to showcase the marvelous words which she holds up for consideration.  Right there in Lecture 1, she exhorts us to look for exiles, outcasts, and orphans throughout Tolkien’s work.  I searched for every variation on exile, outcast, orphan, and widow.  Here we go:

1.017 and the unexpected luck of widows’ sons?
14.033 and aid for our widows
14.033 and orphans?’

Both “widow” and “orphan” are common words for our purposes; I’ll run and add them to the concordance.  Now it is for someone else to follow up with the other works!

Your word trivia for today is that “exile” has an obsolete meaning of  “Slender, shrunken, thin; diminutive.”  Thank you, OED, it’s nice to be back in your shelter.

“exile, adj. and adv.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, July 2018, http://www.oed.com/view/Entry/66233. Accessed 5 October 2018.

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