I am thrilled to report that the students in my Intro College Comp course here at River Valley Community College are enthralled by my demo of this project! We chose “Sky” as a word to explore. For a work with so many landscape references, I am amazed that the common word “Sky” comes up so infrequently.

• 01.083 in a dark sky above the trees.
• 03.047 in the sky together.
• 03.050 blue sky
• 06.067 in the sky
• 06.078 beneath the sky!
• 06.085 in the sky,
• 08.004 and of the sky,
• 09.061 He could see the paler sky between them.
• 10.018 in the sky
• 11.014 and was open to the sky above;
• 11.037 and evening sprang into the sky.
• 12.007 in a pale sky barred with black
• 14.002 in the sky.
• 14.040 here and there across the sky.
• 16.007 The sky was black
• 17.040 A black cloud hurried over the sky.
• 17.042 and gazed at the sky.
• 17.054 Soon actual darkness was coming into a stormy sky;
• 19.019 the sky darkened

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